Kalervo Karlsson is together with his partner Niina, the first Scandinavian designers that have managed to break the ice of the Parisian high fashion elite. They were being described as technicians and architects of modern couture. After putting the dress making aside Kalervo has focused totally in the world of photography and retouching. Found a world of his own. Calling it Paintography. Painting with light.Trying to feel, capture the light and the moment. 


The Finland sky and northern light are the endless sources of the work of Kalervo.  The pastels and the blues. Violets of late evenings. Endless amount of fields of light to choose from. 

In Human portraits i try to feel the idea of Modigliani. "When i can see your soul i will paint your eyes". And how he painted when he saw the soul. Im trying to feel and see inside the eyes and bring something to the surface. The light inside the eyes. 


"Beauty and the Beast" Within PHOTOSERIE 


This serie has its inspiration from around the time of Art Deco & Jazz in Paris. 
The Bohemian life of Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Opium and Decadence and Can Can Girls with feathers in their hair.

Then mixing that with the idea of Beauty and Beast classic story. In this case not a love story but a struggle in and outside of the mind. The deconstructive scene of a personality.